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  1. Happy thanksgiving to all my wonderful followers ~
    I’m thankful for all of you! I may not know you in real life, but you all are amazing <3

  2. Have you ever…

    Have you ever just been so content in the shower that you stay in there until all the hot water runs out?

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  4. illtraceyourstrings:


    do you ever just “what the fuck is the point” so hard that you stop everything you’re doing and stare and pretty much wonder why you don’t vanish from existence because the level of done you are should pretty much deconstruct your biological makeup

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  5. alt-j:



    A cup of hot tea really heals ur soul this is true science

    Actually, a cup of hot anything in your hands mimics human warmth which is said to have calming properties.  So, yes, it’s true.  Tea mimics the need for human care, touch, and recognition.

    im going to cry im so lonely now and all i have is this fucking cup of leaf water

    leaf water.

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    oh my god I’m crying. this is officially the best post on the Internet!

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  6. hiya O3O t’is me, Ireland ~(^.^~) 

    I haven’t been on in a while, and i really wont be until november. I’m in the school play (high school musical) and as you may guess, I play a goth kid. XD 

    I’m not mad that I got that part though. It’s fun, but it’s exhausting. practice is pretty much everyday, but it’s okay. X3

    I sometimes feel like having no free time is making me depressed, or stressed, either of those, but I’ll live. And the choker I have on is gonna be part of my costume, so whoo! 

  7. Jake Rivera Chapter 1 preview!

    It was a long while ago when everything changed. It was the year 1945 and I was visiting my parent’s estate in America. Everything was fine the first few days of the trip, but I soon fell ill with an unknown disease. The butler took me to a hospital for a diagnosis, but they couldn’t make one. As time passed in America, I got sicker and sicker; my tan skin went pale, and I was always sweating; I was grasping to life. In that time, I always said, “Don’t tell me if I’m dying, because I don’t want to know.” It was true: I didn’t want to know.
    That is, until the last few days of my life. Within my last three days, I always asked, “Am I dying?” Over, and over, and over. Never once did I get a straight answer, just sad smiles and American prayers. I didn’t have to ask for long though, one day, while I pretended to sleep, the house doctor and my parents entered my room. They talked in hushed voices, but I heard every word.
    “He doesn’t have much time left ma’am.” Said the doctor with what I recognized as a slight country accent.
    “What does that mean, doctor?” My mother asked worriedly with her inherent Spanish accent.
    “Well… I believe it means he’ll die within the next few days, Mrs. Rivera.” The doctor replied solemnly.
    My mother ran out of my room before I could hear the sobs that I knew racked her body. I was going to die in a matter of days, and that was a fact, an undeniable fact. That statement was so factual, that I almost gave up living as soon as I heard it. There’s really no chance for a sixteen-year-old boy to beat this type of disease either, it was unknown, a menace, and I was just another unfortunate victim. Who could say why this tragedy befell me? I sure can’t. Maybe I should explain who I am first, before I get into anymore detail.
    My name is Jake Rivera, I’m Spanish, I’m sixteen, and I died February 28, 1945 at 6:03 A.M. I’m also a ghost. There really was no chance for me to live, so I suppose it’s better this way.

    ((I’m open to editors!))

  8. Been on tumblr for one year today! A sexy gaara is my present to all my followers, and myself XD

  9. let's fan girl about yaoi together ;D which one is your favorite?

    Oh lord, I have so many favorites… in naruto, i love Kiba and Shino, naruto and gaara, naruto and sasuke, deidara and sasori, then all the other akatsuki paired together XD

    For bleach… I ship every yaoi couple possible .-.

    it’s just, mmf. I love it.

    Then i ship real life people too, so i’m kind of obsessed XD

  10. demon-shark-of-the-mist-hiatus-:

    "Just the Girl"~The Click Five

    Kisame: As a friend *hugs you*

    I’m loved all the same. *hugs back* 

  11. Reblog This If…

    Reblog this if you’d like to read a story about a smexy Spanish ghost that died in 1945  and is still looking for love now! There’ll be a bxb and a non-bxb version, because I’m just that good. 

    Tell me if you guys want a preview or not, because that can be done :3

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    reasons to be a mermaid

    • no periods
    • no pants

    And perfect hair

    And you get to lure men into their death

    There are two types of people.

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  13. ME


    i need someone to fangirl about yaoi with


  14. Can’t tell if…


    i cant tell if im really nice but secretly an asshole or an asshole but secretly really nice

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